About US

  As a leading Professional Service Partnership, our mission is to provide world class Saudi legal services to businesses and individuals in Saudi Arabia and to overseas participants in the Saudi market. Our prime location in modern premises in Riyadh allows us to remain at the hub of business activity while also being close to the principal government ministries and   departments. At the Al Fahad & Partners, we have always believed that the quality of service we can provide and consequently, the success we can achieve for our clients, is directly dependent upon the quality of legal professionals who form our team. With this belief supporting our recruiting processes, we have always paid particular attention to identifying and selecting the best candidates in their respective fields of legal expertise.

Today, with an impressive range of legal professionals, all of who are highly successful well-known experts in their respective fields, we have the ability and capacity to provide legal solutions for even the most complex issues that our clients may face. This has been the foundation of our success in Saudi Arabia’s highly competitive legal field.
We have been active in the field of legal practice since the 1985 when the founder of the firm, Abdulaziz H. Al Fahad, began practicing law here in Saudi Arabia. Inspired from its inception to offer world-class legal services to the commercial sector, Abdulaziz H. Al Fahad & Partners has always been a leader in consistently maintaining quality standards while adapting to the evolving business marketplace. Over the many years of our existence we have remained committed to a two-fold policy of assisting our clients in remaining always compliant with legal requirements while at the same time protecting their interests without compromise. 
Abdulaziz H. Al Fahad & Partners Company succeeded to the former unincorporated law practice of Abdulaziz H. Al Fahad at the beginning of 2015 in order to take to new heights the professional excellence achieved by the predecessor firm. The formation of Abdulaziz H. Al Fahad & Partners as a professional services partnership supports our vision of growing and developing our business in the 21st century by enabling us to invite our finest and most promising lawyers to join us as partners in the business. By being able to offer the prospect of partnership we have been able to attract and retain the very brightest and most able Saudi lawyers.