“The largest arbitration in which the Law Office is currently involved is one in which the Law Office is representing a leading US engineering company in relation to the construction of a gas plant. “

“Our litigation experience includes many "firsts" in terms of pioneering litigation strategies, skills and successes. One significant achievement of ours is obtaining a Board of Grievances judgment enforcing a US court award in excess of US$ 300 million. Prior to our success, no non-Arab foreign judgment had ever been successfully enforced in Saudi Arabia.”

“Some of the recent significant litigation cases we have been involved in recently include claims against well-known Saudi Companyand various subcontractors arising out of the construction of an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia; a substantial claim by ExxonMobil against SABIC arising out of joint venture arrangements; high-profile shareholder battles involving major mercantile houses in the Kingdom; and the representation of leading publications and media outlets before the Publishing Disputes Tribunal.”

“We have also represented a Saudi real estate company in connection with a proposed residential and commercial complex, incorporating hotel, shopping mall, apartments and commercial outlets, to be constructed on a prominent site in Al Khobar occupying a horizontal footprint of approximately 40,000 square metres, with financial backing from a Kuwaiti investment company. Our work included advising on the financial and joint venture arrangements, the contracts with local and international engineering, architectural and professional consultants, and agreements with potential construction firms and subcontractors.”

“Al Fahad Law has been, since 2004, advising the Saudi Railways Organization on its privatization including the preparation of the Saudi Railways regulations and its Implementing Regulations.”

“Al Fahad Law has advised the Ministry of commerce and Industry on the accession of Saudi Arabia to the World Trade Organization.”